On behalf of our H4TG team, thank you for checking out our organization as a potential recipient of your donation. Mostly importantly, we are thrilled that you’ve decided to do your due diligence. In 2020, 83% of every dollar contributed went directly to our mission of supporting young women diagnosed with breast cancer under age 51. The remainder was allocated toward fundraising and administrative expenses. (Note, all financials are based on the most recent completed Form 990)

2019 was a year of transition.

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In July of 2019, our Co-Founder and Executive Director, Mary Beth Gibson retired from her role as Executive Director and moved to a Board position. The Here for the Girls (H4TG) Family expresses deep gratitude to Mary Beth for her outstanding leadership and commitment in building and growing this organization to what it is today.
Why Invest in Here for the Girls?

Why Invest in Here for the Girls?

Here for the Girls, Inc. dedicates 83% of every dollar directly to our mission. We are focused on maintaining financial sustainability and achieving growth that is scalable, supportable, and financially responsible to serve a larger population of women impacted. Donor dollars are maximized to expand and enhance our support services for young breast cancer survivors in a manner that 1) meets the diverse needs of our members relative to where they are on their cancer journey 2) adapts our services to respond to significant developments in the breast cancer field and 3) incorporates changes in other industries, such as technology, to better meet the needs of our young population. We align ourselves with community partners who understand the impact of their corporate philanthropic support. Here for the Girls draws and aims to balance funding from individual donors, various events, and grant funds.
How We Invest Our Donor Dollars

How We Invest Our Donor Dollars

Member Testimonial

Member Testimonial

"The ladies I have met in this group have filled my heart with so much love. With any of these ladies, I know, even if I don’t see them all the time, that whenever we get together, they are my ‘Sisters of Love.’ I know they are there to give whatever I need and I don’t know how anyone who does not have this support and love can get thru what cancer brings you…. Thank you to all of the Here for the Girls Leaders, supporters, volunteers and SURVIVORS for coming into my life.”
Form 990

Here are some examples of the 80% at work:

Monthly In-Person + Virtual Support

support systems where our women receive peer-based social and emotional support that improves the social and emotional well-being of our young women (diagnosed under the age of 51) with the oversight of highly qualified and trained facilitators.

Annual Survivor Retreat

A wellness weekend for survivors with the objective of improving quality of life and emotional well-being. This occurs through intimate and extended times of peer support in a safe, relaxing environment, meaningful sessions led by experts, and participation in fun or restorative activities. This weekend also helps promote healthy lifestyle habits that can reduce recurrence risks. A retreat scholarship is available for women with a hardship and need travel assistance in getting to the location.

Annual Metastatic Retreat

A two-day event exclusively designed for women with stage 4, incurable breast cancer. This event is impactful as it offers our women the strength of, and time to bond with, women sharing the same diagnosis, with end-of-life planning guidance from subject matter experts. The retreat helps them take charge NOW so they can focus on living today!

Facilitator Training

On boarding training, a comprehensive annual training weekend, and ongoing sessions dedicated to strengthening our facilitators’ skills, fostering mutual support, and enhancing their role as leaders and ambassadors of H4TG. We are pleased to recognize six new facilitators in 2019.

A Calendar to Live By

An annual calendar that features breast cancer survivor stories and “A Guide to Caring For Yourself.” It serves as an initial source for support and information for young survivors, and the included breast health guide gives all women knowledge about breast health and information about reducing breast cancer risk. Each year, over 8000 are donated to newly diagnosed women, medical facilities, free clinics, and community groups.

Support Through Education

Topic specific sessions designed to focus on breast cancer related issues, such as reconstruction or women’s health. Sessions are presented by our partners in the local medical community or subject matter experts in a particular field.

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