Here for the Girls treasures “LOVE” above all and is committed to a culture that celebrates all people regardless of their ethnicity, race, color, abilities, religion, socioeconomic status, culture, and sexual orientation. We promote human rights for all through mutual respect and acceptance of differences without biases of any kind.

This means we:

Listen intently to other’s perspectives

Open our hearts to developing authentic relationships

Value each other’s uniqueness (what we can see and what we can’t see)

Embrace the different backgrounds and experiences of the H4TG community

We aim to foster an environment of healing and trust in an equitable way

We believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion as a foundation for a better future

We commit to standing beside all members, constituents, and friends in a place of unity, respect, and decency.

Only by ensuring we provide a culture that promotes human rights for all can we live up to our core value of “treasuring love above all” and fully support all young women with breast cancer.


Please contact us at to learn more about our What We Treasure statement.

© 2023 Here for the Girls, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity
EIN 26-0606190
1309 Jamestown Rd. Suite 204
Williamsburg, VA 23185
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