Thoughts on Perseverance: From Stephanie

October 14, 2022

Meet Stephanie | Ms. November 2015   |   Diagnosed at 31 (2013)

Some additional thoughts from me...through this entire breast cancer journey I have been persevering to create a career and continue with growth. One month before I was to start college, a lump was found in my breast, I made the decision that it would be best to wait for diagnosis and put off my start for one semester. That was in 2013!  January 2014, I started class. As a working mom, I went one class at a time knocking out the basics that were guiding me towards a change from receptions to a nursing degree.  I persevered through many trials that led to becoming a full-time single parent, but held on to continuing education as it was going to ensure a better life for that of my children and myself. I was afraid, but kept plugging along. Eventually, I reached a portion of time that nursing clinicals became a must. Life changed fast! Granny was coming to help and I knew I'd see a lot less of my kiddos, but again, I was persevering for them to have a better life.  In the summer before clinical, granny had to have emergency surgery, and I was left thinking, "How will I ever continue?" The girls were too young to stay home at 5 in the morning and get themselves ready for school.  Thank goodness church family could come to the rescue being surrogates until my mom arrived. Again, we persevered.  In 2018, I added RN to my name!  

Perseverance doesn't stop there. In 2019 I transitioned from my starting place to the job of my dreams - working in an operating room alongside surgeons- daily removing and treating cancers. I have persevered in my own trials and have a passion to share blessings with my patients encouraging them to persevere through their own trials and diagnosis.

Because we drew on the strength of God and I trusted that all would be provided, a promise I made to my daughters while in school finally came to fruition. We'd buy a home where we could each have our own room... in 2020, it happened!  

In 2021, I met the man of my dreams. One who loves me and my children and the scars that have come through this life.  Who walks alongside me through many persevering "adventures." Wouldn't you know, my home had enough space for all our children to have their own rooms 😉 and now I've officially become a world traveler! 

We can't see the finish line of life, and while I have been blessed to have no recurrences of cancer as of now, as many ladies know, it's never really far from the mind.  Perseverance is worth it!  Yes, some days are hard and some filled with tears, but some days are wonderful and filled with incredible rewards.  

"By perseverance, the snail reached the ark." – Charles Spurgeon



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