From Our Executive Director

Dear Special Friends of H4TG,

Amid the COVID-19 global health crisis., we are all experiencing concerns, challenges, and uncertainty. However, the young women we serve are dealing at the same time with the concerns, challenges, and uncertainty of a breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and long-term consequences. Imagine the stress!

Studies show that social–emotional support plays a vital role in mental and physical well-being. The effects of mandated “social distancing” is imperative in keeping everyone safe at home. The emotional health, however, is why we are thinking outside of the box about our mission and have “re-imagined” the way H4TG offers services.

Being here for our “girls” is critical now and we need your help!

In the last two weeks we have stepped up our social connecting, virtually, to counteract the required physical distancing, and it’s working! All monthly in-person support is now online. New women are joining H4TG daily, and the numbers attending these virtual gatherings is steadily rising. Not only are we able to continue our program services, but this “re-imaging” is allowing us to reach even more women with H4TG’s in-person support, online.

To enable our members to spend this face-to face time, virtually, we have intensified our training and support for our facilitators. Staff is on call, day and evening, to train, troubleshoot, and assist members with adapting to video conferencing. The Program Team, along with, our Social Work Support, and Facilitator Teams are working to develop additional opportunities such as a session on grief, yoga, and even morning coffee.

Our annual wellness weekend (Renew Restore Retreat) in April is being converted to a virtual venue for all attendees! Scheduled speakers are adapting their sessions to be delivered virtually, and we’re designing smaller breakout sessions to promote online bonding. The hugs typically shared at this retreat will have to be virtual, but hugs still will be shared!

Our 2020 H4TG website optimization project is now more important than ever! This improved online presence will include a robust private portal designed just for our members that will serve as a hub to share general information, thought leadership, and education tied to breast cancer and women’s health, as well as direct, quick access to all program services. Along with a comprehensive resource library and directory plus connection to our referral partners, all this will make it easier for our members, wherever they are, to get the support they need.

The Calendar Team is working to “re-imagine” all components of A Calendar to Live By 2021, along with the health guide insert to meet the June deadline. The calendar, which shares vital information about breast health plus inspiring stories of resilience, will continue to be distributed to our health professionals, communities, as well as all new members.

Working Together
As we all work together to navigate this crisis, both on a health and economic level, your financial support is more important than ever (see how below). The organization continues to provide services, but, if you can, we NEED YOUR HELP. For those facing hardship – businesses, families, and individuals –our hearts are with. Please let us know how H4TG can help YOU!

I want to end with a sincere thank you to our staff and volunteers who are diligently working to continue providing our services, our health care partners working tirelessly to keep our communities safe and healthy, and each of YOU who continue to see the value and importance of supporting our ladies, especially NOW! With love, patience, hope, and the spirit of community, we will get through these difficult times.

Stay Safe + Healthy,
Chris Schwab

COVID-19 Announcements


Breast cancer doesn’t go away in a pandemic – we need your help to continue to offer loving support for our members. We are excited to launch 6 weeks of virtual fun for you and your loved ones to participate in for a good cause. Check out the full listing of events on our calendar!

  • In-Person Support Gatherings: Will be held virtually until further notice. We will provide an update at a later date as the situation continues to evolve.
  • Golf Tournament: Postponed to Friday, July 24, 2020. Registration, sponsorship, and volunteer opportunities will remain open. Learn more at
  • Other Happenings: Please check out our calendar for a full listing of events at

Our hearts go out to the businesses, families, and individuals who are impacted by this current crisis. We must all do our best to get through this difficult time together with love and patience. H4TG has joined the many businesses of telecommuting; our mantra has become “re-imagine” and is being woven into the services we provide as well as our day-to-day operations. We are still providing robust support to our women virtually, so please continue to refer any women newly diagnosed to us. Ladies, we are here for you.

The situation at the local, state, and national level regarding the novel COVID-19 virus is being updated often, sometimes daily. When we have more to report about how this may impact our operations, we will let you know, so please stay tuned. Please visit our website at or email us at for further information.

Virtual Hugs,
The H4TG Team

Updates On Our Events

We have either reimagined or postponed our upcoming events. For a full listing please visit

How We are Here for YOU!

Young Women With Breast Cancer

We have shifted all program services to virtual. Please visit to learn more.

The Local Community

Check out our blog to see how Here for the Girls is here for the community!

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