Breast Cancer News of Note: April

April 2, 2021

As an organization that serves young women affected by breast cancer, we make sure to keep up with the latest news so we know what our women face when it comes to treatment and beyond. In this blog series, we will share the previous month’s news that we feel is most interesting and relevant.

March 18: Regular consumption of sugar-sweetened soda appeared associated with an increased risk for death among women with breast cancer, according to new study. Study participants who reported drinking non-diet soda five times or more per week were 85% more likely to die of breast cancer than those who reported not drinking soda at all. Read more about the study in HemOnc Today HERE.

March 18: While the drug tamoxifen reduces the risk of developing breast cancer and prevents recurrence, the side-effects cause many women to discontinue their treatment. A new study has now found that a much lower dose than the standard produces a good effect with fewer adverse reactions in women who have yet to enter the menopause, which may increase the number of patients who continue treatment. Read the full story in MedicalXpress HERE.

March 18: Researchers have discovered why treatment often eventually fails for some breast cancer patients who have the HER2 type, and they've possibly discovered a way to reverse the problem. Despite initial effectiveness, resistance to anti-HER2 therapy develops almost invariably in patients with advanced cancer, and they will eventually succumb to the disease. This study provides insights on why these drugs eventually fail and offers a solution to restore sensitivity to treatment, which may prolong survival. Read the full story in Medical Life Sciences HERE.

March 18: Most breast cancer screening centers in the United States are not following national guidelines, according to researchers. They report that, among the centers that recommended a starting age for screening mammography, nearly 90% advised women to begin screening at age 40 years and to continue annually. This contrasts with the current recommendations from the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) on mammography screening, which stipulate starting at age 50 years and continuing every 2 years. Read more in Medscape HERE.

March 18: Though weight gain in women with breast cancer has been shown to lead to worse health outcomes, a recent study concluded that, for women with early stage, HER2 breast cancer, weight loss of 5% or greater over 2 years negatively impacted clinical outcomes. Weight gain during that same time did not affect survival rates. Read the full story in Contemporary OB/GYN HERE.

March 23: According to new research, low doses of propylparaben – a chemical preservative found in food, drugs, and cosmetics – can alter pregnancy-related changes in the breast in ways that may lessen the protection against breast cancer normally conveyed by pregnancy hormones. Read more in Pharmacy Times HERE.



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