2020 Models: Becca

November 4, 2020

47, diagnosed at 44, 46
no family history, MTHFR mutations

Becca had pain in her breast, but a mammogram showed nothing suspicious. Months later, she felt a lump in the same breast. The doctor, almost certain it was a cyst, prescribed vitamin E. Several weeks later, Becca received another mammogram, additional testing, and a diagnosis of stage 1 triple negative medullary breast cancer, a rare subtype. Becca had a lumpectomy and began chemo treatments but couldn’t complete them due to an allergic reaction. Less than two years later, she faced a local recurrence and underwent additional treatment. Her family and friends always supported her throughout treatment, but her greatest strength to overcome the challenges she faced not once, but twice, was her faith. “God has been my rescue from the depths of fear, sadness, and despair this disease wants to take you to.” Becca has been married for 20 years and has four children. She loves working with little children and has worked as a teacher assistant for preschoolers with disabilities. She would like to go back to school to become a registered play therapist. Of her 1920s’ sisters Becca says, "We women were created for a special purpose, with wisdom, intuition, imagination, and grace, and this era gave us the platform through which to showcase what we are capable of accomplishing.”



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