In their Own Words: A Calendar to Live By 2017 Photographers

August 25, 2016

In just a few short weeks we will be unveiling A Calendar to Live By 2017, chock-full of lifesaving health tips, hope, and inspiration. Since this is the calendar’s 10-year anniversary, we wanted to make it extra special. So for the first time, each of our calendar models had her very own photographer!

We consider ourselves beyond blessed to have such an amazing group of photographers lending their talents to support BB! Several of this year’s photographers shared with us, in their own words, what it means to be a part of this incredible milestone.

Thomas Gorman:Thomas Gorman

It has been a pleasure to work with Beyond Boobs! for the last six years, but it was a true honor to photograph a calendar model and a number of group shots for the calendar this year!! To be around such strong, inspirational women who face a tough battle was very humbling. I am touched that what I do as a photographer helps to spread the mission of this great organization!

Robert Hersh, MD:

Robert HershMy association with BB! started with my role as a reconstructive surgeon caring for patients who were members of this fabulous organization. To assist these women and their families with their recovery and seeing them thrive is the greatest honor I have had in my chosen profession.

Another great passion of mine, other than the love I have for my wife and children, is PHOTOGRAPHY. I have been further honored this year to contribute to BB! and help its members in another capacity: As a photographer for A Calendar to Live By 2017. I look forward to a lifetime association with this wonderful organization.

Kathy Hornsby:Kathy Hornsby

Calendar model Alveta Henderson is a creative director, an art director, and general enthusiast supreme! Her concept of our photo shoot was not only colorful, but deeply meaningful to her family history. That emotional connection allowed us to work for hours outside on an oddly cold spring day (snow flurries!). Although Alveta is incredibly photogenic and naturally looks simply stunning, her vision is what really made the shoot easy for me! I loved working with her!

Todd MeigsTodd Meigs:

When I started volunteering with BB!, cancer hadn't touched me personally. But last year, on July 7, my mom was diagnosed. Now I'm back in the game, and it's personal.


Beth Oliver:Beth Oliver

Working with calendar model April Salvant and BB! has been so inspirational in my own breast cancer healing and love of life. These women are faced with severe adverse conditions daily, but they stand strong with positive hearts. I am glad that for even a day we could go have some fun and produce a beautiful memory together.

Wallace Roark:

Wallace RoarkIn a time when there is so much going on around us, it is refreshing to support a group like Beyond Boobs!, which strives to help women and empower them in their time of need. The Beyond Boobs! organization puts a lot of love into supporting women in their quest for a better tomorrow. I feel truly honored and blessed to be in the company of so many amazing people.



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