Doubling Up: Announcing the Winners for Mr. Breast Fest

July 11, 2016

Scott Mielock first danced onto the Beyond Boobs! stage three years ago. He and his wife, Melinda, a professional dance instructor, are part of Starlets of Dance, BB!’s annual fundraiser that celebrates survival through movement and music. Scott has served as the event’s emcee, and also performs with Melinda during the program. The couple thrives on BB!’s energy and enthusiasm, and they love sharing their passion for dance with the organization.

Scott Mielock, Mr. Breast Fest 2016, and runner-up Robert Glover pose with BB! Co-Founder Mary Beth Gibson.

Scott Mielock, Mr. Breast Fest 2016, and runner-up Robert Glover pose with BB! Co-Founder Mary Beth Gibson.

In addition to his dancing shoes, Scott now has a new accessory for his wardrobe – a crown. Last month he earned the title of Mr. Breast Fest, and he is eager to begin his reign, which was a year in the making.

“Some of the Boobers! I met at last year’s Starlets of Dance event told me I should compete to be Mr. Breast Fest,” Scott explained. “I said I would, and when the deadline for applications rolled around, those Boobers! didn’t forget! I was flooded with texts and messages,” he added, laughing.

For a year, Scott thought about the strategy he would use during the Mr. Breast Fest competition. A Navy man for more than two decades, Scott is no stranger to tactics and lots of planning. “I wanted to maintain a fun, carefree, crazy mentality, but also be serious about raising money for the group,” he said.

Seeking to bring new ideas and a burst of energy to the event, Scott treated the competition like a presidential race. He promoted his involvement on his Facebook page, asked for likes from his followers, and sent out tweets. “I wanted to make it a very active process,” he said. “I wanted to get the message out and engage people online to get donations.”

Because of his background as an actor and dancer, Scott thought he would have the competition in the bag. He got a little nervous, though, when he saw the other contenders in person at the Eagle’s Nest in Chesapeake, where the event was held on June 11.

“I was sizing up the other guys and realized I had my work cut out for me,” he said. “I had no idea what would happen, but I had fun with each part of the contest because I knew the money I raised was going to a great cause.”

Decked out in a decorated bra that fit his curves just right, Scott spent the afternoon dancing for dollars, holding on for dear life atop the mechanical bull, answering on-the-spot questions, and munching his way to greatness by being the first to eat a doughnut suspended from a string.

The doughnut-eating contest during the Mr. Breast Fest contest was a tough challenge.

The doughnut-eating portion of the Mr. Breast Fest contest was a tough challenge.

“Eating a doughnut from a string is a lot harder than people might think,” Scott said. He mashed his doughnut against the head of Robert, another contender for the crown who was voted runner-up. “I was basically eating the doughnut off of Robert’s head,” Scott explained. “I even left a streak of white powder on the side of his head. How can you not be entertained by that?”

When Scott’s name was called as the winner, he accepted his crown with a mixture of relief and excitement. “I love what BB! stands for, and I love that they are working to support women diagnosed with breast cancer,” he said.

Robert Glover, a personal trainer at Brix Fitness, has many friends in the Hampton Roads fitness circuit, including Joshua Banks, Mr. Breast Fest 2015. When Joshua told Robert about the Mr. Breast Fest competition, he was all in.

“The competition was literally an answer to my prayers,” Robert said. “I had been asking God for a way to lend my energy to an important cause, so finding Beyond Boobs! was like a divine connection.”

Robert had never worn women’s lingerie before, but luckily he had a client at his fitness studio who offered to help him out by putting together something for him to wear. He admits he spent a few extra minutes in the restroom before the event, adjusting the sparkly, hot-pink garment, but he wore it well and was voted runner-up.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I had no real strategy,” Robert said. “I wanted to smile, talk to people, and try to pry some dollars out of their pockets for the cause.”

Robert enjoyed meeting and talking with people as he worked to earn votes at the event. He especially loved interacting with the Boobers! “I really liked seeing the looks on their faces as all of us guys made fools of ourselves,” he said.

Robert looks forward to taking part in BB! events in the year ahead, and wants to be involved with the group as much as he can. “I am in the fitness industry, and a big part of my calling is to educate people about the advantages of living a healthy lifestyle,” he said. “I want to use my talents and experiences to educate and inspire others.”



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