Calendar Model ~ Meet Jennifer Cherry

July 10, 2015

Jennifer Holub Cherry was already familiar with Beyond Boobs! when she was diagnosed with Stage 2B ductal carcinoma in situ in late January of 2013. She had learned about BB! when she saw the group at several different community events. When Jennifer was diagnosed after the first mass in her breast was found during a routine annual mammogram and a subsequent MRI found the other two, she knew she needed and wanted to be a part of BB!. She attended her first meeting within two weeks of her diagnosis and since she was joining such a loving, dedicated group of Boobers!, it was only fitting that her first meeting took place on Valentine’s Day.Jenn Cherry

Jennifer works as a business and facilities manager and has a 16-year-old daughter named Katelynn. Three fur babies also have free roam of the Cherry home in Newport News: Buddy James, a pit bull/boxer mix; Tyler John, a miniature pinscher; and Bella Bean, a spoiled rotten nine-month-old kitten.

Today we get a chance to peer behind the curtain to learn more about Jennifer, including a must-have item for her beach bag, her teenage fantasies about John Stamos, and her involvement with Beyond Boobs! as a model for A Calendar to Live By 2016.

What is your favorite summer beach read?

Any romance novel. Throw in a little comedy and I’ll have it finished in no time, ready for the next one!

What is the best advice you have received about living beyond breast cancer?

Everything is YOUR decision. Listen to what the doctors advise you to do, listen to what your family and friends advise you to do, but at the end of the day, it is ultimately YOUR decision what you will do, because IT IS YOUR LIFE and YOU HAVE TO LIVE IT!

Who was your teenage celebrity heartthrob? How did you show your undying love?

John Stamos!! He first played “Blackie” on General Hospital and I was hooked. Even though we weren’t supposed to watch soap operas, my grandmother would let us get away with it and we could watch them with her. I just wanted to run my fingers through that silky black hair and have him sing to me all night long!

What is your favorite BB! event or activity?

The Old Dudes Motorcycle Club Poker Run is one of my favorite BB! events. Spending time with such an amazing group of Dudes and Dudettes who give so much of themselves to help us is truly priceless. They give of their time, talents, and money and ask for absolutely nothing in return. They are truly an inspiration and I can’t thank them enough for what they do for our wonderful survivors! Thank you and we love each and every one of you!!

What does being selected as a calendar model mean to you?

Being selected means I can spread the BB! mission that much more than I already do. I will be able to make more people aware of why we are here and what our goals are for young women diagnosed with breast cancer. I can help educate more and more people and have a larger impact in the breast-cancer community. God kept me around for a reason, and spreading the message of BB! is part of that reason.

What was the most impactful moment of your calendar model photo shoot?

The beautiful [videographer] Alexis [Kikoen] was asking me questions for the video when I suddenly got emotional. I was talking about someone extremely important to me and I couldn’t look at her even though she was standing right there next to Alexis because I knew if I did, I would totally lose control. As everyone knows, I don’t like to lose control! When you see the video you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.



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