2017 Calendar Models: Meet Patti Coffie

July 20, 2016

We can’t believe it has been ten years since the very first Beyond Boobs! calendar model was chosen for our annual A Calendar to Live By! Our calendar is also a health guide in disguise and offers a year of hope and inspiration, along with reminders to put your health first. We are beyond grateful to our generous sponsors, as well as the 100-plus calendar models who have graciously represented BB! and their fellow Boobers! over the years.

During the next several weeks on the blog you will meet the Boobers! who were chosen as calendar models for A Calendar to Live By 2017. You are also hereby invited to join us at the Pink Carpet Gala on Saturday, September 17, as we unveil this year’s calendar. See you there!

By: Jamie McAllister

Patti CoffieWhen Patti Coffie was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2014, she knew just what to do. She immediately contacted three friends who were survivors and learned that all of them were members of Beyond Boobs! Her friends encouraged her to join BB!, and now Patti has the love and support of an entire network of “sisters.”

Patti lives in Currituck, North Carolina, and is a middle school gifted coordinator for Currituck County Schools. She and her husband Greg tied the knot in May of 2016 after five years of dating. She has three children: Krysta (24), Kayla (21), and Colin (15). Patti is beyond excited to be representing BB! in A Calendar to Live By 2017. Here she shares her plans for a perfect day, as well as what it means for her to serve as a calendar model.

Describe your perfect day from beginning to end.

My perfect day would be to wake up to all three children being home, then just have a fun family day. Eat out, go bowling, go to Topgolf, go see a movie, or go to the beach or a festival. Just a fun-filled family day!!

What is the most daring thing you have ever done?

I am not a very daring person. My most daring experience would probably be swimming with stingrays in the Bahamas. I was very hesitant to do it, but ended up loving it and actually did it again the following year!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? Why?

If I could live anywhere, it would be in close proximity to all my children. I want to be a part of their lives as they marry and start their own families.

What is guaranteed to always make you smile?

My amazing husband Greg is guaranteed to make me smile. We have been through so much together, yet he can always bring a smile to my face with his thoughtful ways.

What does being selected as a calendar model mean to you?

Being selected as a calendar model is a tremendous honor and has given me the chance to be a voice for Beyond Boobs! It has allowed me to speak with a lot of women about breast cancer and hopefully make a difference in someone's life.

What was the most impactful moment of your calendar model photo shoot?

The whole photo shoot was extremely emotional for me. It was the week after my wedding and emotions were running high. I was amazed at the effort and professionalism that went into the shoot and I can't wait to see the end results. And posing for hours is not as easy as it looks!



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